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To August 31, 2012

I'm quite behind right now with Postcards so there will be more cards shown on my blog soon.  Right now, I'd like to present you with some of the cool cards that I received in August.

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Hokkaido Fox
This first one is actually not a postcrossing card, but I wanted to show it off anyway.  It comes from a friend of mine who lives in Hokkaido and who knows I collect the Gotochi cards.  

Isn't he great? Thanks Vicky!

Thomas from Singapore sent this next shaped card.  He writes that Singapore is a clean and safe modern city with summer all year round.  It is a multi-racial, multi-cultural society and as such, it has a wide variety of ethnic food.  He writes that he hopes to see me there some day.  

I have been to Singapore and I agree with him.  I loved Singapore and apart from the humidity, enjoyed it. I felt very safe and free there.  The food was excellent as well.

This next card came from Ann in Belarus.  She wrote a lot on the back of the card, but I won't write all of it.  She writes that her country has a long history and she loves learning about it.

She also says that she can't choose her best movies because she's seen so many.  She likes historical films, and also melodramas and dramas.  She likes cartoons.  The last cartoon she saw was Madagascar 3.  The last movie she saw was "My Boyfriend is an Angel" which is a Russian film that she likes.  
Monument to a dog.
Bridge in Nyasvizh Park

Thanks so much for a great card Ann.  It was so nice to get a card with a lot of writing on it.  So many people don't bother writing more than 10 words.

The next two cards arrived the same day, and they are of the same person! I've never had that happen before.  Fortunately, they aren't the same picture so it works out well for my collection.

The first comes from Austria. Martina says that she's from southern Styria,  one of the most famous wine regions.  

She writes that she likes action movies like "Jumper", but she doesn't have a favourite film as she likes a lot. 
Marilyn Monroe
Thanks Martina!

The other Marilyn card comes from Moscow in Russia.  The sender writes that her name is similar to mine, Lena.  She says that one of her favourite movies is "Love and Other Disasters" with Brittany Murphy.
Marilyn Monroe
Photo by Milton H. Greene
Thanks Lena!

Vera sent this card from Lithuania which is near the Baltic Sea.  She writes that she is Russian and loves Russian movies or philosophical films, especially those of Andrei Tarkovsky.  She wishes me a good end of summer.
In a separate email, Vera told me that this dish is the Russian-leaf of beet soup. It is a cold soup with boiled potato, beet, and greens. There is Russian cider made from rye flour and malt.

Thanks for an interesting card Vera.

There you are, six very cool postcards.  I've got six more already coming down the pipeline, so come back soon to see them.

What do you think of these cards? Comments are welcome below.

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