Postcrossing - Incoming

To September 10, 2012

Once again I bring you the lovely cards that I have received since my last update.  Comments are welcome as always, and remember to click on the pictures to see the cards in a larger size.

Eunice from Taiwan sent this lovely photo of Orchid Island (Lanyu).  Once there were wild orchids that grew there in abundance.  The canoe is the traditional transportation for Tao, which is one of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan.  Black white and red are three colours used to paint the canoes and other things.  They are noble colours in their culture.

Orchid Island, Taiwan

The only problem with the card is that it is one of my least favourite Samsung Touchnote cards.  They are computer generated cards, so the sender hasn't even touched the card.  It just doesn't feel personal to me.  However, the picture is lovely.

Matthew(Lai) from Malaysia sent this card to me.  It is my first card from Malaysia so I'm very happy to receive it. A new country for me!

Matthew writes a bit about Malaysian history, and then goes on to say that it is now a very unique multiracial and multicultural country.

He is a big movie fan and loves movies like Gladiator, The Prestige, A Beautiful Mind, 500 Days of Summer and the newest one he likes is Premium Rush.  His favourite director is Christopher Nolan.
He sends warm greetings.

Georgetown, Penang

This cool card came from the Netherlands.

Ellen sent this one to me because I like books and I like crochet.  I also love Ladybird books so it was a good choice.

Some of her favourite movies are Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain, Chocolat, and Hair.

I received this interesting card from Finland.  Kirsi says that the writing on the front translates to "It's not a Big Deal to be brave, if you are not afraid."
Thanks, Kirsi!

Lena from Russia sent this yummy looking card.  She says that Japan is an interesting country and she would like to visit it one day.  She works in a transport company as a financial manager, but does scrap-booking as a creative hobby.  She loves to do albums and cards in her free time.  She loves to travel and to go to nature!

Morning Temptation

Sherrie sent this card from Taiwan.  She was in her summer holiday at the time, but I'm not sure if she still is.  She loves photography and drawing are her favourites.  She feels that the summer vacation is too long, so she feels tired about it.

I felt a bit tired about it too, when I was in high school!  Summer was the time to work on the farm.
Jiji Station, Nantou, Taiwan
Thanks for the card Sherrie!

There you are!  Six groovy cards.  Which one is your favourite? I wonder what I'll find in my mailbox tomorrow?  

Until next time....


Kelly said...

I think the crochet one is my favourite. A cute granny square.

After seeing your postcards, I actually joined up at postcrossing too. I've just got my first address to send to, an elementary school in the Netherlands, so I'm excited about that!! :)

By the way, I read your earlier post. I hope you feel better soon.


Helen said...

I think it's one of my favourites ever too! I was brought up with Ladybird's...

Congratulations on joining Postcrossing. I hope you'll find it as much fun as I have! It's so nice to look forward to the mail carrier coming to the door!

And thanks...I'm feeling a lot better today. The medicine is doing its work.