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To September 3, 2012

I'm still trying to catch up with the amazing postcards I have received, so thought I'd do a quick update.  Here are some very nice cards.  Please click on them if you'd like to see them in a larger form.

I love recipes, but sadly, I can't read these ones, so I won't be making these dishes.  The picture looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?

The card was sent from Germany by Norbert.  He says that he was on vacation in South Tivol. It is a part of Italy in the north.  He writes that people there speak German,  the mountains (Dolomites) are UNESCO World Heritage and the "Speckknodel" (dumplings) are a food speciality.

 Thanks for a delicious card Norbert!

This next beautiful card comes from Australia, from a place near Adelaide.  This card was sent by two people, a mother and daughter. The mother writes that they live in a small town with many wild birds and native wildlife.  It is quite lovely.

The daughter loves many movies including Shrek and Ice Age. The mother has a few favourites including A Few Good Men and Gladiator.  Basically, anything that isn't too romantic!
Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania
Narelle writes that this card shows some of Tasmania, it's very pristine and beautiful and she hopes that she can visit there again one day.  

Thanks so much for a gorgeous card.  Blog readers, this one is worth clicking on!

This next card comes from the US, from a person who grew up on the Canada border (I'd say US border!!) and used to go to Ontario all the time.  He found this old movie card for my collection.  He goes on to say that he has a friend who is the opposite of me, he is a Canada resident who married a Japanese woman!

Fred Astaire. 1936
This picture shows Fred Astaire in blackface, so it is probably from the movie Swing Time.  I can't say I've seen the film.

June sent this card from New Orleans.  She writes that Toy Story is her favorite cartoon movie.  She watched it when she was only 12 years old.  She's a Chinese girl studying in the US now.  She asks if I have ever travelled to China.

Toy Story 2
She signs off with her best wishes.  Thanks June!

 Jen sent this fabulous Marlene Dietrich card from The Netherlands.  She writes that she is also a big movie fan but is in the midst of a "mini-series" spree.  She loves English country dramas and mentioned Cranford in particular.  She loved the first episode, but is wondering about saving the rest of it for late fall and winter as it is more "cosy" that way!
Marlene Dietrich
From writing to her later, I found out that she has also seen and loved Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.  She has good taste!

Thanks Jen!  This is my third Marlene Dietrich postcard.

Desiree sent this card from The Netherlands too.  It is in The Hague.  She writes that she lives near the beach too.  
The Hague/Holland
Courtyard with fountain and Ridderzaal in evening mood
Desiree decorated the back of the card with some stickers and a little drawing to show me the weather.  An interesting card.  Thanks!

There you have it.  Six lovely cards from Europe, Australia and North America.  I wonder what will be in my mailbox tomorrow?  Come back soon and see!

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