September 1, 2012

Saturday - Sunny and Hot  (What a surprise!)

A pretty good day.

We had a fairly relaxing morning today.  F didn’t go to the doctor, I showered, checked my computer and then took a short nap.  

We went out for lunch to the place near Komagihara park.  It’s a buffet restaurant at times and we had quite a nice lunch.  After that, we hacked through the veggie store and I got some zucchini and a spaghetti squash.  Hurray! I didn’t get one last year I think.

F dropped me off at my school after lunch and I got busy.  I did quite a lot of things.  I swept, dusted, re-arranged my postcards, and did a bunch of other things too.  My student did come today, although she was a few minutes late.  We had a good class and set the schedule for the month.  

I cleaned up after class, did my paperwork and then called F to pick me up.  We decided to go out to Mikawa to see a movie, and to eat out there.  We agreed to eat in an “omu-rice” restaurant, but when we got to the restaurant, F didn’t want to.  Then we did something radical!  We split up.  He went to his Japanese fish restaurant, I went to the omu-rice place.  Surprising, and good.  I had an omelette with butter rice in it and grilled chicken and vegetables.  It was quite nice.  We spent a few minutes in the bookstore and then went upstairs.  

On the way upstairs I asked F about his dinner and sort of said to him that he didn’t ask me about my day at all.  I told him that it has been happening a lot lately and he got a bit upset.  Not angry for a change, just sad.  Some of the medicine that he takes has side effects and it seems that one of them is that he just doesn’t show much interest in things.  It upsets me for obvious reasons, but it would have been so much better if he’d only told me earlier.  

We did go and see Prometheus and I enjoyed it.  I liked the actors and the story up to a point.  I thought the journey and the things that went along with the journey were excellent, but when things started going bump in the night, it wasn’t quite as exciting.  Still, definitely worth seeing for me.  F wasn’t so sure.

We came back home via a new convenience store that I hadn’t even seen before for some drinks and then had a quiet night in.  I watched a bit of TV, F went to bed a little later.  

One exciting thing, I found out that there is a Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition in Kobe when I will be there.  I have a free Friday so I’m hoping/scheming how to get to see it.  I love the Pre-Raphaelites and I’ve never seen a whole exhibition of work from that time.  Of course, I don’t know Kobe, and I don’t know how much it will cost, but it sounds totally worth it.  It will be coming to Koriyama too, but even though that is quite close, relatively speaking, it still takes four hours or so to get there.  

That’s it for me.  Night.

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