September 11, 2012

Tuesday - Cloudy, rainy and muggy

An okay day.  I’ve been under the weather the last few days but I didn’t really want to talk about it.  On Sunday we went to the Sunday clinic and I got checked out a bit, but today went to a regular doctor.  Only, it wasn’t my regular doctor. It may have been his son.  So, after being poked, prodded, weighed and measured, x-rayed and everything else….I was given some medicine, some time with a dietician (I hope F learned more from her than I did) and sent off.

We had lunch in Futaba today as our other restaurant had an access/parking problem.  Futaba was nice.  We both had grilled chicken with scalloped potatoes, salad, soup and bread or rice, plus drink and a small dessert.  Very good lunch.  F brought me home afterwards.

I watched Telly for a couple of hours then got F to drive me to my school.  Once there I got set up for my class.  When the time came, the student didn’t.  I found out later that she got really busy at her office and couldn’t leave.  After 5 I texted F and asked him to pick me up.  

We ran a couple of exciting errands including going to the electronic shop to buy ink for our printers and the hardware store to buy mousetraps for F’s mother.  Then, we had a nice tea or coffee in Mr Donut.  We discussed dinner and F chose Edoichi, the yakiniku buffet.  Sigh.  We went there and it was okay. It wasn’t crowded, it is just such an open invitation to overeat.  I don’t think I did too badly…probably too much meat, but no dessert…hurray.  

We hit up Yamaya on the way home, then our local grocery store.  We’re going to have fish tomorrow because neither of us could look at the meat section!
We spent a nice and quiet night at home.  F watched some TV, then me, then him again…No big deal.  

Tomorrow I’m going to try and kick this cold or cough or whatever the heck it is, and work on things for my month end meeting and my school.  Wish me luck with it all!  

Oh, and while many people remember this as an awful day in New York, to me it will always be my Mother’s Birthday, so, happy birthday Mum!
Janet Cameron Lowe

Got to go.  Night.

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