September 17, 2012

Monday - Hot and Sunny 

The drugs started to work!  Hurray!  I spent an okay but not great night, got up around 9:30 this morning and watched my TV.  F was sitting on the couch with his computer so we sat there for quite a while.  

We had a nice brunch in Cocos.  Today I had a caesar salad and the half quesadilla.  It was just about exactly right for me.  We came home briefly so I could take my medicines (I have trouble with the powders they gave me.  

We went off again, first to the mall for souvenirs, tea and hundred yen shop shopping, then to a drugstore for stuff for the journey tomorrow.  After all of that, we came home.  

We stayed home for a while and relaxed. Did a little laundry. Watched a bit of TV and then F suggested dinner.  I didn’t really know where he was planning to take me, but he suggested Tsubaki.  It’s a quite expensive Japanese restaurant that only does course meals.  We get no choice in what they serve us.  Well, it was almost an inspired idea.  The courses were small, just right for me at the moment.  My appetite is not very good at the moment, so a little bit of this and a little bit of that was just what I needed.  

At the end, I just couldn’t finish everything!  I finished most of it, and it was all quite lovely, but there was so much.  It really was a lovely meal.  

After the meal we came home again and I started to pack for tomorrow.  I don’t really know what I should take.  There’s so much stuff I might need.  

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  I won’t be around for the next couple of days, so don’t miss me too much.  I’ll be back with all the news and views from my trip.  Night!

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