September 20, 2012

Thursday - Rainy, humid, and yet cooler at home

We’re back!

We had a good time, although I am still quite sick and definitely not feeling good at all.  Some of the highlights of the last few days were meeting up with Tina and Lily in Niigata, then having great food at a secret location, finding the new Adam Lambert CD at Tower Records, eating a Subway sandwich, and visiting a Niigata post office today to get a couple of Gotochi postcards!

Some of the bad things….my cough. I am still coughing and coughing all the time.  My side is so sore I can hardly move, and coughing hurts so much. It really does.  F taking me to a restaurant today outside Niigata and realising that he left his cell phone at the hotel back in Niigata city.  Nearly passing out at the doctor’s office on Tuesday when they took blood… 

Today we slept a little late, got up around 9. I showered and I ate some yogurt so I could take some medicine.  We left the hotel on time and drove towards home.  F was hungry as he hadn’t eaten, so we stopped in a place.  While we were there he  tried to find his cell phone, but realised that he’d left it at the hotel.  We called the hotel and asked them to check.  They found it, so we went back for it.  

I slept most of the way home. I was tired from the medicines.  At home we relaxed and later on went out for dinner to Moku-Moku.  

We came back home afterwards and had a fairly quiet evening punctuated by my coughing spasms.  Urgh.  Anyway, I need to get some sleep, so I’m going to go now.  Night!


Lily said...

Lovely seeing you and your husband. Thanks for the wonderful, flavorful, healthy treat from Yamagata...all safely stored in bellies with a smile.

Helen said...

Glad you enjoyed them! It was such a treat having fun time with other ladies (and DH!) at night.