September 23, 2012

Sunday - Cool and cloudy in the morning, cool at night

An okay day. 

F couldn’t sleep for a long time last night, so he was on the couch for a bit. I sort of slept in bed, but then we switched places!

I actually did manage to sleep on the couch last night, even though it was very hot.  F’s mother called at 7:00…that woman and her timing…but he went back to sleep and so did I.  

We had brunch courtesy of Hotto Motto.  F called them up and ordered a meal, then went to pick it up. It was a nice compromise between going out again and cooking at home.  

After brunch I took some medicine and went to bed where I slept for a bit. Yay.  However, F started cleaning and woke me up.  He made an awful racket, but I can’t really complain because his heart was in the right place.  

In the afternoon I watched a little TV and then we went out for dinner.  The plan was to go to a fish restaurant for F, but they were closed, so we had yakiniku instead.  It was very nice stuff.  Yamagata beef, plus some chicken and I had egg soup too.  

We bought a few groceries and came home.  We watched X-Factor which was quite funny, and then a bunch o’things before Amelie came on.  I watched it even though I couldn’t understand the subtitles, or the language.  

And that was our day.  Tomorrow, F is going to take the day off work again and take me to the doctor.  Hopefully he can tell me yay or nay about my trip.  I have to either cancel it, or get ready for it.  If I feel the way I felt most of this evening, I can probably go, but am still nervous about the whole prospect.  That’s it for me.  Night!

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