September 25, 2012

Tuesday - Rainy in the morning, clear and sunny later on

An okay day.

I woke up this morning before F did, before 7 am.  It’s strange to be waking up so early.  I did go to bed before him last night too, strange but true, however, I didn’t fall asleep before him at all.

I got up finally around 9 and started some laundry while I watched The Ghost Whisperer.  F even came home for a few minutes while I was hanging up my clothes. I think he was checking on me.  Sweetie!

I had a quiet morning apart from my shower and doing 3 loads of laundry.  I made lunch around 2 and then left for my school around 3:30.  I made good time and didn’t get too winded.  I didn’t go very fast, just took my time as I was quite early.  

I did a bit of set up at my school, I dusted, things that I had to do since I hadn’t been there for a while.  I planned a class for a student restarting next week and then it was time for my student to arrive.  Unfortunately, she didn’t.  She called me and said she’d be late, was it still okay to come?  As that time was hers, of course.  She came about 20 minutes later and we talked about the book she’d just read, and the film that I’d loaned her of the book.  Then, we got to work.

She left a little late, and I did my stuff. I did paperwork, finished planning, set up for Thursday, grabbed some clothes for my meeting…in other words was busy.  I sent F a text around 7:00 and then followed up with a call when it was obvious that he didn’t see it.  

He picked me up and we had lunch in Hana, the fish restaurant.  It wasn’t too bad tonight, luckily no smokers around, and we had a nice meal.  One of the waitresses had a gab session with F about fish and me, and then F noticed that a man at the counter was an old wrestling buddy, so they chatted later.  I just ate my salmon and smiled a lot!

We came home via the grocery store and then had a quiet evening.  Watched Unforgettable, during which I figured out the baddie long before Ms. Memory!

Tomorrow, is the dread fire alarm inspection day, and F took the day off as well.  I’m both happy and sad about the whole thing. I had planned to scan my postcards as I haven’t had time or energy to do it for ages, and I wanted a resting day before I go off to Kobe.  However, I think it’ll be nice to have him around.  I’ve also made the decision to switch my medicines around tomorrow rather than waiting until they run out and I’m travelling.   I’d like to know how I’ll react to them before I get on a plane!

That’s about it for me for today.  Find out tomorrow if I manage to keep having a good time with my DH or if I finally lose my head.  I hope we’ll have some interesting times together.  Night.

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