September 5, 2012

Wednesday -  Cloudy and cooler!  Yay!  Humid.

An okay day.  I woke up this morning before my alarms. I had actually gone to bed early last night and managed to get up fairly easily.  I was paranoid that the fire alarm guys would come today.  They didn’t. 

I watched my TV shows and just when I was going to have a shower, F called to say that he has to work on Saturday this week, and would I like to go to lunch today? I said yes of course, so he picked me up a little after 12.

We went to his local Chinese style restaurant. He had a full lunch, I just had a dish and shared his gyoza.  It was nice not to have to eat in a rush to get done in time.  We had a nice lunch too.  

F dropped me back home and after a while I took a short nap, then got up again and watched a bit of TV.

The afternoon was fairly quiet and when F came home we relaxed for a while. Then, he got busy.  He did some translating for me and I began dinner prep.  

I finished dinner, but F added on a bunch of things to his own menu.  It’s okay, but I’m not really sure that eating all that he did was a good idea.  I cooked some zucchini, made some cucumber sticks and sauteed some chicken.  We had some salad to go with it.  F had a couple of pre-cooked sanma from the store, plus rice, plus some nasty squid stuff, plus a bit of my chicken, and salad and veg.  Seemed like a lot to me.  Oh well. Japanese food is very healthy you know. 

F didn’t do the dishes tonight, but he promised he’d do them later.  He was helping me with a translation.  When he finished, we discovered that we had to email it, so I had to sign on to his computer to send the email.  No problem.  Then, he did some ironing for himself, and was going to have to do more translating for me, so I just did the dishes. No big deal really.

We had a quiet evening in, watched the end of an old Cold Case and House, then Bones.  Enjoyed them all really.  

Things were good tonight.  I wish they were ever so!  

I’m thinking about getting my hair cut again. It has been a while and I really should keep it neat.  Besides I’ve got a holiday and a business trip in place this month, so I don’t want to fuss with my hair.  If the weather is okay tomorrow, maybe I’ll go downtown and get it done.  Wish me luck with that eh?   Night!

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