September 9, 2012

Sunday - Hot and humid, a bit cloudy

I went to bed quite early last night and got up early for me on a Sunday. I was up around 9 and F and I were out of the apartment before 11.  Yay us.  We went somewhere and then after that went to the Grand El Sun for lunch.  

We both had the same thing, some chicken in balsamic sauce with cream of carrot soup, salad bar and home made bread.  Yummy.  We both enjoyed our meal.

We came home and I went back to bed. I was exhausted and slept for about 4 hours.  F went out and got his hair cut and did a few little things.  

When I woke up before 4, F was getting the fishing things ready.  He loaded up the car and we went to Kamo port and did a little fishing.  We mostly caught aji, I caught 5 personally, but F caught a couple of other fish and some aji too.  We left the port when it was too dark to see anymore.  

Then we went to Kappa Sushi for sushi!  I thought it was funny, but that’s what we did.  Usually after fishing we go to the yakiniku buffet, but I couldn’t eat that much today.  

We bought groceries then went to the drugstore, then came home.  We’ve had a very quiet evening ever since.  I think I might go to bed soon….yes before midnight…I’m that tired!

Anyway, a brief round up of my day.  Tomorrow I’m at home again and I hope to relax and enjoy myself.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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