October 1, 2012

Monday - rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I slept in a little this morning. It was before 9 when I got up, but for the first time in quite a few days I didn’t wake up coughing and I didn’t need an alarm to wake up.  I got up and had a very lazy morning around the apartment.  I watched Ghost Whisperer and then found Glengarry Glen Ross on a free preview channel so had to watch that!

F called me just before 12 and invited me out for lunch. I said yes, so I had to get dressed quickly.  I did, and met him out front.  He took me to his favourite lunch place.  He had ramen of course and I had a rice bowl dish. It was good, but hot! 

Afterwards, F dropped me off at home and I watched Miami CSI and then took a nap.  I left the TV on, thinking it would wake me up. It did, 2 hours later!  All I can say is that I really needed the extra sleep.

I wrote up a Postcrossing entry for my blog and registered a couple of cards I received today.  I even decided to send two cards today.

F came home and after watching ER we went out for dinner.  It was quite funny because everywhere we wanted to go was closed!  We ended up at our third choice place and had a fabulous meal.  We started with pork tongue, then had either chicken (me) or beef stew (F).  F wanted me to try his and while he was slipping a bit of his stew onto my plate, knocked over his water glass and bathed himself.  Poor thing!  The waitress and him were cleaning up for a few minutes.  His beef stew was amazing. I had almost had it, but decided to go for the chicken. It was really good too, and I don’t regret having it.  We made the decision to have dessert and tea or coffee afterwards.  Yum.  We both had the chocola terrine and it was so good.  Very rich.

We came home afterwards and spent a fun evening just watching TV and writing up postcards.  F is so funny, he plans out all that he is going to say. I just wing it.  It does make sense though because he isn’t writing in his native language.  I’m very proud of him.  He’s doing much better these days! 

And that was about it for my day. I really ought to get to bed now as it is much later than it should be.  Tomorrow I’m back to work in the afternoon. Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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