October 11, 2012

Thursday - Rainy and humid

Hey, it’s 10-11-12 day!  Well, I was excited for a minute :-)

An okay day. I got up this morning and after a bit of a slow relaxing start, got busy.  I made stew.  I parboiled the veggies before I put them in my slow cooker and then I browned the pork as well. I threw it all in and left it.  

I also did a load of laundry today, and scanned all my recent incoming and outgoing postcards today too.  I’ve been trying to catch up, but I’m not there yet.  I had 3 or 4 cards arrive recently, so the six I’m sending out tomorrow won’t raise my travelling numbers that much.

F came home around 5:30 and then took a nap.  I tried to make dumplings after that, but I couldn’t find the baking powder. I looked everywhere in the fridge.  I even made F get up and look too.  Hey-he’s taller than I am and can see the top shelf better.  He didn’t find it either, so went and bought me some at the store.  Aww!

When he returned I finished the dumplings and dropped them on top of the stew.  I cooked them the right length of time, but they weren’t that great. I let them cook longer, but they still were somewhat doughy.  Still, the stew was really good.  The veggies were perfect and the meat was tender too.  We both had two bowls of stew.  

F did the dishes and washed my slow cooker for me.  That was nice of him. I’m always a little scared of him doing that though. If I break it, I cry, if he breaks it, I get mad!  I’m sure he’d get me a new one though.

We had a quiet evening at home.  I watched Bones tonight and then The Good Wife.  I just love that show.  The characters are getting more interesting and I think that Kalinda is such a cool character.  I hope they do more with her this year.  Perhaps now that she’s come across Ely’s radar they will.  

F watched something on Hula and then I turned off the TV.  I’m trying to get to bed early tonight.  I have a late afternoon class tomorrow, but I’ll have to get to the school early to set up.  

I’m mostly feeling better today, but when I took my medicine tonight, some of the water went down the wrong pipe and the coughing to get it out was very very painful. I’m still not sure it’s out completely.  

Anyway, tomorrow I have a class, but I have some leftover stew for lunch and I’m not afraid to eat it!  Hopefully the weather will be a bit better, don’t really need to get rained on.  Got to go.  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

The international stamps went on sale on the 9th. Sorry I forgot to tell you sooner. They are in values of 90, 110, and 130 yen each. You might check them out the next time you're at the post office.

Helen said...

Thanks! I actually think I saw them the other day. I should pick some up for the rare letters that I send these days!