October 17, 2012

Wednesday - Sunny then rainy

An odd day.  I got up, watched The Gilmore Girls (for some reason I want to call them The Golden Girls!) and read the paper while I ate my yogurt.  

I didn’t really get myself going until the afternoon. I had to decide if I was going to go out or stay home. I really couldn’t decide. However, later on, I realised that if I waited to get a hair cut until next week, I’d have more time.  This week I have a class every day except today.  I looked outside around 3:30 and it was a bit rainy.  Boo!  I stayed home.  

F called me around 5 to say he’d be late.  I relaxed and then sure enough, F came home around 7.  He wasn’t feeling well and went to bed almost immediately.  He said he wouldn’t get up for dinner, so I put away the fancy stuff I was going to make, and just had regular pasta with tuna sauce and the salad.  

I didn’t see F again until midnight.  He got up and has been holding down the couch since then.  He probably has a cold and I am quite terrified that I’ll get it.  I sure hope I don’t.  I’m just starting to feel better, and I’ve finished my medicine.  

Anyway, that’s it for me. It was a boring little old evening and I stayed home all day.  Tomorrow I have an afternoon class and plan to come home afterwards, weather permitting.  Got to go.  Night!

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