October 2, 2012

Tuesday - Warm and cloudy

An okay day.  I was up before 9 am again, and watched Ghost Whisperer again.  I’ve seen some of these episodes, I think it was when I was in Canada a couple of years ago.  I showered and had breakfast afterwards.  Discovered the first episode of SATC was on, so watched it, and then ended up watching about 3 hours of Agatha Christie on NHK.  Yay for that.  I saw the David Suchet version of Murder on the Orient Express and liked it for the most part, and also The Mirror Cracked with Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple. Rather jolly well done, what? Or not.  I liked the Miss Marple story better than the Poirot, as they made Poirot rather sanctimonious in this version.

Anyway, I made lunch and then popped off to work on my bicycle.  I made decent time and set up my school.  I did a bit of dusting, and changed the postcards on display.  Sadly however, my student cancelled her class today as she was too busy to come.

I did some prep work and was quite busy reading newspapers until my husband texted me after 7 pm.  He said he’d just come home.  Poor thing.

He picked me up and we had dinner at Jiro.  It was very nice and I enjoyed it a lot.  I think F liked his too.

We picked up something for dinner tomorrow night. I’ll attempt cooking again!  Then, we came home and had a quiet night in.  A strange thing that happened was our internet didn’t work for a while. I had to turn off quite a few devices and reboot to make things work again.

F was very tired so went to bed early. I’m going to go soon too as I’m still tired from my trip.

Tomorrow I hope to scan some cards and then run to the post office to mail a few of them.  When I was sick I didn’t send any, so now I have to send a lot to catch up!

That’s it for me.  Night!

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