October 20, 2012

Saturday - Sunny and cloudy

I was a little late waking up this morning, but I didn’t mind.  When I did wake up F snuggled up beside me and bed was lovely and warm.  I didn’t want to get up.  Still, I did, and then took my shower.

We had a nice brunch at Gusto and then I went to my school. I got ready for my class and when my student came we had a good class.  Yay!  I talked to her mother after class and we’ll get a new textbook in a few weeks. They also told me that next week’s class, which they had cancelled would be on again. Good news for me.  

After a clean up session and paperwork, I called F and he picked me up.  We went shopping and found a couple of things for my sister.  I’d like to get her something small to go with it, but couldn’t find anything today.  

We had dinner at the Komagihara Spa again.  This time we had the buffet and it was quite good.  I had some chicken, salad, soup and a few other things.  I didn’t have their pasta tonight!  Four nights of pasta is enough.  

F and I came home and our FBC order arrived right at 8 pm on the dot!  I heard the truck outside and asked F if he’d rather go to the door or should I?  He didn’t even notice the sound outside.  We got some whole wheat flour, some chips (NOT my idea!), some decaf tea and a magazine.

We’ve had a quiet evening in.  I’ve been watching my usual Saturday night programming, while F has been doing the YouTube thing.  That’s getting annoying.  

Anyway, I am out of things to write about.  Tomorrow is his mother’s birthday.  I think he’ll take her out in the morning/early afternoon, but am not sure.  I’d like to see a movie but don’t know if we can or not.  That’s it for me.  Night!

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