October 26, 2012

Friday - Cool and sunny

After a night with earthquakes and thunder and rain, you’d think today might be a grey and ugly day.  You’d be wrong!  It was lovely and sunny all day.  I got up before my alarm and took my shower early, then went into the living room to watch The Gilmore Girls.  

I had a nap on the couch because it was either that or go back to bed. I was afraid if I did that, I’d never wake up!

I had a quiet early afternoon at home.  I cooked an omelette for my lunch and then headed out to my school.  As I was biking down a narrow road, my phone rang.  It was F, asking me if I wanted something from the mall in Yamagata.  It was a lovely thing for him to do, but the timing was bad.  I said there wasn’t really so we rang off and I hopped back on my bike.

I set up for my class, read over my notes and did a load of laundry at the school.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I use towels instead of paper towels for things.  I prefer it.  I also changed a few of the cards on display.  

My student was early as usual and we had a good lesson.  Today was more of a consolidation than a learning new things lesson, but it was good for my student.  She’s quite low, but has been working hard.  She did scare me at the beginning of class though.  She had told me that a relative was ill and in the hospital.  Today she told me that the relative had left the hospital and didn’t say anymore on the matter.  I didn’t know if she meant left the hospital under their own steam or carried out.  Happily, the relative was discharged from the hospital.  Whew!

After class I cleaned up quickly, did paperwork and left my school around 5:30.  I knew F would be late tonight. I biked home. It was a nice night for biking, clear and cool, so I didn’t mind.  

F came home a little later. It gave me time to scan my cards that I received this week, and to do a bit of computer stuff.  He brought some tai-yaki home too, as it was discount day.  Later on, we went out for dinner to Fireball.  We had a really nice meal tonight.  I had chicken and vegetables in a tomato cream sauced spaghetti, F had fish in a clam sauce.  We shared our main courses and had a nice meal.  The restaurant wasn’t too busy so I didn’t have to worry about smokers.  Yay.

We came home and had a quiet evening.  I watched a bit of TV and then turned off the set.  

Tomorrow I have two classes and I’m going to take along my computer so I can work on my column.  I am so behind this month.  I still feel like I’m not at 100% yet. I have to keep working on my column or my editor will not be happy with me.  It’s now quite late and I need some sleep, so will be signing off now.  Off!

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