October 27, 2012

Saturday - Clear and sunny

An okay day.

Did my usual Saturday morning things, with the exception of taking my computer to work with me.  At my school I got set up and when my student came was ready for her.  She came in, but sent her mother home for her textbooks.  What the heck? I told her it was okay, but she insisted.

After class I did paperwork, read the paper and started my movie column.  I didn’t get very far, but at least I started.  I had to clear away my computer a bit before my next class of course.  And of course, today my student cancelled.  Sigh.  She was still in a meeting that was supposed to finish an hour beforehand. 

After the student’s time was up, I called F and asked him to pick me up.  We drove out to Mikawa and had dinner right away.  We had a spat over where to go.  He wanted the fish place again, I really didn’t. I tried to bargain with him by saying that if I went there with him tonight, we wouldn’t go to a fish place again this weekend, but he got angry at that.  He wanted me to pick the place, but frankly, in that mall, there really isn’t much that I want to eat.  I went to the fish place with him, had what I always have when I’m there and it was okay but not what I really felt like eating. 

We did a little shopping. I was quite surprised that F was actually helpful and suggested some potential presents for my family.  We got the things, and also some socks for him.  Lately all I see is him wearing socks with huge holes in them. It is rather embarrassing because people may think I have something to do with his sock choice.  

We went to see The Expendables 2.  I enjoyed it in that, “I can’t believe I watched that and enjoyed it” sort of way.  It was loud, dumb and the testosterone was leaping off the screen.  I did a check before the movie, I wasn’t quite the only woman in the theater, but there weren’t many of us.  Still, it was fun, but only if you can leave your brain at the door.

We came home after the movie and I set up the bread maker with some whole wheat flour for tomorrow. It’s half and half at the moment, half white flour, half whole wheat.  I’m hoping that we’ll have some nice bread in the morning.  Of course, that may not happen.  

I watched my Saturday night shows.  Episodes is back and was quite funny, also caught Gossip Girl which was less funny, but more hmmm.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what we’re going to do.  I’d like to go and see another movie, but I’m not sure if F is up for it now.  I think he’s still mad at me, since he went to bed without saying goodnight.  Sigh.  

That’s it for me.  Gotta go.  Night.

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