October 3, 2012

Wednesday - Cloudy and cooler

An okay day with a very early start.

F’s phone rang at 4:40.  His mother was calling to say that a neighbour’s house was on fire.  She called back a couple of minutes later and asked F to come.  He did.  I of course was awake for this too and didn’t go back to sleep.  I turned on the lights in the living room, on low, and tried to sleep, but F was back before I fell asleep.

He came back to bed and we slept on.  He got up for work as usual.

I got up early again, watched Ghost Whisperer and then had some breakfast.  I had a quiet morning around the apartment, and watched part of The Crying Game

After lunch, I scanned some of the cards that I bought, received, and was sending.  It took a while, but I got it all done.  Yay.  

I took everything to the post office and as I was nearing the mailbox my phone rang.  It was a student trying to book a lesson.  I couldn’t talk to her just then, so she said she’d call back later.

Went back home, F came home, but my student didn’t call. Around 7 I started to cook dinner.  We had sauteed chicken, spaghetti carbonara and salad and it was nice.  Then, F did the dishes and afterwards asked me to go out.  We just went to the grocery shop for a few things.  

Came home again and watched Castle. It was cute. It was the first episode, which I think I’ve seen 3 times now, but this time I did watch it.  That Nathan Fillion.  Woot! Grey’s Anatomy followed.  It was the “what if” episode and had its moments.  

My student did call and we booked a class for tomorrow.  

Tomorrow F has half a day off for a meeting. He thinks he’ll be done early, so we might be able to have a little fun. I hope so anyway!

That’s it for me for today.  I hope that we won’t be woken up early tonight!  Night.


Perogyo said...

What happened to the neighbour's house? Are they okay?

Helen said...

I think they are okay, although I'm not sure about the house. F said that the outside of the house looked okay, but it didn't look good inside.

Thanks for checking!