October 5, 2012

Friday - Rainy, sunny, cool

An okay day. I woke up a little late this morning, but nothing too bad. I got up, made the bed, and ate breakfast while I watched Ghost Whisperer. I also read the paper.

Afterwards I showered and then spent a bit of time on my computer.  F called me to check my schedule for today and offered to take me back to the doctor, which I gratefully accepted.

I cooked my lunch and then ate it, then washed the dishes.  I headed out to my school. It was strange out there. There was a bit of rain but the sun was shining.  There were some ugly clouds in the sky, but they didn’t look near me!  I didn’t wear my raincoat, I just decided to risk it. It was a good choice.

I got to my school and set up for today.  I was ages early so I prepped another class and checked tomorrow’s set up. I also checked today’s!

My student came and we had a good class.  She hasn’t studied with me for many years, but she did quite well.  She left a few minutes late. I switched my phone back on and immediately got a message from F that he was on his way to pick me up.

We went to the Doctor again.  I finished one series of medicine on Tuesday and I haven’t felt that well since then.  We were able to see him almost right away and he checked me out and gave me more medicine and asked me to come back next week.  

Afterwards, F and I went to Mr Donut for a drink and a donut, then we went to Aki for dinner. We haven’t had okonomiyaki for ages.  It was good, but we both felt stuffed afterwards.

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  We had a quiet evening in.  F spent ages watching J-TV, but at 11 I put on Touch, the new Kiefer show.  It’s interesting so far.  

And that’s my day. I’m not sure exactly what is going to happen tomorrow. I have a morning class and then I’m off for the weekend.  It’s a long weekend and we don’t have any plans.  I’m quite happy about the whole thing personally! I’ll talk to you later.  Night!

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