October 6, 2012

Saturday - Cloudy, cooler, a bit of rain

I was just thinking about going to bed, when I realised that I hadn’t blogged yet.  No biggie I suppose, just I’m a bit tired, so I’ll try and make this fast!

Got up this morning, had breakfast and then took my shower.  After a while, F and I went out for lunch to Gusto, then he dropped me off at my school. 

I had a busy day.  Not only did I teach my lesson, but I did paperwork from Friday, did some of my book-keeping and brought things up to September, and did my dishes at the school.  Yay.  I called F and when he answered he said he was “fishing”.  That meant he was at the Taiyaki shop.  Today, they were on sale for 100 yen each.  He brought us each a couple of the yummy things for us!  

We went to S-Mall and got a few things at the 100 yen shop. I wanted a binder to put my Gotochi cards in.  I’ve been keeping them in a bag on the fax machine which isn’t really a good place for them!

We looked at watches in the jewellery store.  F wants to get us his and her watches for our anniversary present.  He bought us watches before we got married. Mine is fine (although it has been repaired a couple of times), but his is toast.  He thought he’d get us new ones to celebrate.  The ones we saw in a catalogue were extremely out of our budget!  A different brand would be cheaper, but F doesn’t like that brand.  We’ll keep looking for a bit.

We had a cup of tea at Doutors and then decided to go for dinner.  F suggested a place, I suggested another and then finally I suggested a place he took me last month.  We went there and had a pretty good meal.  I had tempura and F had katsujo or something.  It was katsudon but in a box instead of a bowl.  

We came home and watched Tintin at 9:00 pm. It was good, but I think I lost the thread towards the end.After that, I watched more of my stuff, including Project Runway and Gossip Girl.  

That’s really about it.  F had gone to bed, but he’s up on the couch now. His back is bothering him I think.  

No idea what we’ll do tomorrow or Monday, hopefully it’ll be fun finding out.  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Your husband is so sweet to propose matching watches! I love hearing happy couple thoughts like this.

Helen said...

Well, we already had them and they were very nice. His job is more of an outside one and sadly over the years his became quite damaged and then finally stopped working. Mine is okay, but I've dropped it a few times and don't know how long it will last.

Before we got married, I used to wear a men's Timex. It was great, but looked so clunky in photographs, that I wanted something a little nicer for all of the pictures that I knew people would take around our wedding!

Our "pair" watches were so nice and just a subtle way of saying "We're together!"

Thanks for visiting :-)