October 8, 2012

Sunday - Sunny and warmish

An okay day.

I woke up this morning to F in the living room.  He gave me updates on the status of the bread baking away in my oven.  He even took it out, cooled it a little and cut it today.  We had some of it for breakfast and it was very nice.  Yum.

After breakfast, F took a nap and I stayed up.  After 12ish, F got up and I went to bed and took a nap!  We didn’t leave the apartment until 3 something.  F asked that we go to Patio in the mall for lunch, so off we went.  I had a good meal, he didn’t.  He had ramen and didn’t like it.  Quelle surprise!

We hacked the 100 yen shop but didn’t buy anything, nor did we buy anything at the outlet shop that was having a sale today.   

We came home again.  I discovered that F had fixed my chair today.  The armrest came off one side and he put it back on for me.  Yay.  How lovely. We had a bit of a cuddle and I spoke about my misgivings about the Japanese medical system.  I said that I thought maybe I should just go home to see if I could get more effective treatment.  I probably should have kept my mouth shut as F got quite upset and of course thinks that Japanese Medicine is near the best in the world. Sigh.  We will always have a differing opinion about that I’m afraid.  

After a long wait, we went out to Gusto for dinner.  It was okay. I had chicken and a burger, plus shared a plate of fries with F.  He had fish and was quite happy with it.  

We came home via the grocery store to get some yogurt for me and some bread making supplies.  Nope, I’m not making bread tonight but for the next time we do it.  
We had a fairly quiet night in.  F is pensive tonight. He isn’t feeling that well, he may have a cold coming on.  I am dreading catching it.  We watched Orange CSI, okay, CSI:Miami and then I watched Rizzoli and Isles.  I quite like that one.  

I’m determined to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, so I’ll try and end this now.  I’ve got to go.  Night!

Oh, PS…Any Canadian readers…Happy Thanksgiving!

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