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To September 20, 2012

Still trying to catch up with all the lovely postcards that I have received.  Please feel free to make comments below, and remember to click on the cards to see them in a larger format.

One thing that I asked people to send me was postcards of food from their area.  I've always believed that a great way to find out about a culture was via their food.  I've certainly discovered a lot about Japanese culture from the food here.

Anyway, Alina from Russia sent me this great recipe card for Buckwheat Kasha. She writes that she lives in Abakan City.  She sent me the card because she likes it with milk.  She urges me to just try it!

Thanks Alina for a great card!
Russian cuisine. Recipes.

Heidy sent this card from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.  She writes that this is her first card sent to Japan.  The card shows the center of Jakarta.  The main street's name is Thamrin  and the big pond in the middle is called "Bundaran Hi".

Thanks so much Heidy.

Marieke from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands sent this picture of her favourite breakfast.It looks pretty delicious, but I'm not sure how nutritious it is!

A very yummy looking card!

Irina in Belarus sent this card to me.  I love the lace around the icons.  It looks like some of it could be crocheted, although it may have been tatted.  

 She writes that she is a mum to a 14 y.o. girl named Olga.  She sends her best wishes as well.  

An interesting card.

Rhonda sent this card from the US.  She writes that she works for the Postal Service and loves to do embroidery, swim and travel to the Islands and take cruises.  She reads a lot, about 3 books a week.  

She also wrote that she loves Shelties too, she had one before as well, but when he died, she got a collie.  

Thanks for a cute movie card Rhonda!

There you have it.  Five really nice cards.  Which one do you you like best?

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