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To October 12, 2012

A nice group of postcards for you today.  They come from Europe, North America and Asia.  

You can click on the pictures to see them a little larger.  Let me know which is your favourite card!

This Harold and Maude card comes from Germany.  Helga says that she noticed I like movies so she thought I might like this card.  She says that she loves this movie, it's a bit weird, but she loves it.  

I saw it once a long time ago and it is very funny.  

Harold and Maude
Thanks Helga!

This card comes from the Ukraine and was sent by Elina.  She writes that she is a third year student.  She studies English and German.  One of her dreams is to visit Japan because it is so interesting and beautiful. 

Her favourite films are Secret Window and Shall We Dance.  She hopes I like her card.  I do actually!
The Church with the Burial-Vault of M.I. Pirogov (1881-1885)
I can't find any information on M.I. Pirogov in English!

Posie sent this card from the US.  She says that she lives in Texas but she isn't from Texas.  She went to Tokyo once and said it was so busy, and beautiful.
She wishes me a wonderful Autumn and winter.

This great card is sent by Kate in Belarus. She apologized for not sending a card that I'd really appreciate.  She said that when she saw this card it was so sunny and warm that she wanted someone to see it too.  

She is fond of lots of different films, the last one she liked is 1+1(it is a French film.)

The funny thing is, that because she told me why she liked it, I really liked it.  When I thanked her for the card, I said that this was the kind of room that I'd love to curl up in with a good book and a cup of tea!

Thanks Kate!

Stanislau Zhukouski. 1875-1944
Corner Living Room.(Farmstead "Razhdzestvena") 1916

Amy sent this card from Taipei.  She wrote that she went to Tokyo Japan this summer vacation.  She loves shopping in Japan even though things are more expensive than in Taiwan.  She writes that Disney is so fun.  She wants to go to another city on her next vacation. 

She writes that if I come to Taiwan, I need to go to the night market as there are many delicious foods. 

Carina sent this card from Hong Kong.   She writes that she is a 22-year old girl who loves travelling and is willing to save up most of her salary for ten days of travelling each year.  

After each trip she would write her story on her blog and share with everyone.  This is her way of recording the valuable memories in her life.

There you are, 6 cards from all over the world.  They are all very different.  I wonder what's going to be in my mailbox today?

Until next time....

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Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I like that living room, too. That is exactly the kind of house I want to have someday...