Postcrossing - Incoming

To October 18, 2012

This week I received five great cards from Europe and Australia.  Would you like to see them?  Then please read on and enjoy.  I'd love to hear any comments that you have about the cards or stamps.

Betty from Italy sent this card.  She wrote that she is Danish, but is married to an Italian man.  She is a translator.  She loves good books, romantic films, yoga, chocolate and autumn.

She asks if I have watched this film, but I'm afraid I haven't.  I do like the actors in it though.  She bids me to enjoy the colourful autumn and wishes me happy postcrossings.  
These are the interesting stamps that she used.  The one on the right looks like it is folded, but it really isn't.  

Thanks so much Betty!

Tita sent this card to me and says,"Here a postcard from a little village in the north of Holland. It's near to the Wadden Sea.  An inland sea with the tides. A beautiful and peaceful area for walks or cycling. I love to take pictures there of nature (a hobby of mine). I also like baking cakes and decorate them with marcepein."  I assuming that she means marzipan.  She also sends her best wishes.

This next card came to me in an envelope from The Netherlands.  I think it is a self printed card, and the sender has written all over the back of the card.  He wrote a lot about the symbol on the card and the history of it.  

He has written a book (in Dutch) about this part of Roman History. I'm sorry that I'm not really able to write all that he wrote on the back of the card. He wrote a lot about Ancient Rome, and even signed off with a Latin saying!  He wrote, " Plurimam Salutem Tibi Helenae dicit Tommie. (Greetings to you very much Helen says Tommie.)
An interesting card!

Ramona from Germany sent this card.  She says that she lives about 30 minutes from here and she likes it. She asks why I moved to Japan and how I like it.  

She wrote that she had a huge knee operation in the previous week and she's happy to be home again now.  She wishes me all the best!

Thanks Ramona!

Vanessa sent this card from Australia.  It is another self-taken photograph.  She says that this is the view from her back door.  This is Mt. Warning and it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage listed rainforest area.

Thanks Vanessa!

There you are, five interesting cards, from interesting people in interesting places!  I wonder what will come to my mailbox next time?  Come back soon and find out!

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