Postcrossing - Incoming

September 24 - October 1, 2012

Here I am with the last bunch of cards.  This will bring me up to date, at least until I receive more cards!

Remember you can click on the pictures if you'd like to see them bigger.  Comments below are welcome too.  On with the show!

Greetings from Frankfurt
xheo83 from Germany sent me this card from Frankfurt.  He says that Frankfurt is the fifth largest German city.  Now mostly known for its bank district, it has always been cosmopolitan.  He says that it has been packed with theatres, museums, world famous shops and architecture incorporating influences from all over the globe.  He also writes about the Frankfurt book fair, which attracts countless visitors every year.

Esa from Finland sent me this beautiful card and said that when he sent it, the weather was Rainy and 14 degrees.  He says that he is a quite old man from a little quiet village in Finland. He notes that they already have had one night under zero, so autumn is here.  He wishes me everything good in the future!

Silke sent this card from Germany. She writes that this card shows the next bigger town to hers.  She lives about 10 km away from it, in a small village.  She says it is in the middle of Germany.  
Friedberg, Germany

Tanya in Russia sent me a great card with an actress that I hadn't heard of before, Anna Sten.  She was born in the Ukraine, but became a silent film actress and later became a Hollywood film star. She was brought to the US by Samuel Goldwyn who hoped that she would rival Greta Garbo.  Her films were not successful and she was released from her contract.  She made her final film appearance in 1962.
Movie star Anna Sten in a wide-flapped guipure hat, Berlin, 1931
Tanya wishes me the best and Happy Postcrossing. She also used some amazing stamps, pictured below.

I particularly like the one with the caviar and blini!  Yum.  

My last card of today comes from England.  Sophie tells me that it shows Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.  The picture shows the church where the parade of Shakespeare's birthday celebrations finish as this is the church where he was laid to rest.
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
Holy Trinity Church and River Avon
Thanks for a great card Sophie!  I'm a huge Shakespeare fan.

Well, there you are.  Five great cards and some stamps for good measure.  I wonder if anything will be in my mailbox tomorrow?  I hope so!  Until next time....

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