November 1, 2012

Thursday - Rainy

So that’s now two days that I haven’t gone out of the apartment in a row. It’s a bit much. Had a rather bad day seeing as how my husband decided to be a right jerk tonight.  Read all about it.

Had a quiet day at home.  I got my two columns finished and emailed off. Whew.  

I had a really quiet day at home, but it was nice for the most part.  I thought about going out for a decent lunch, but thought that F and I would go out to dinner so decided to make do with what was around the apartment.

F comes home and within 20 minutes announces that he is going out for dinner.  Usually when he says “he” he means us, but tonight, he meant him.  By himself.  Alone.  Without me.  He didn’t even ask me.  He said he’d be back and then would take me out for dinner. I was rather hurt and upset by that, but told him to just go.  

He came back, sat on the couch and stared at me for 10 minutes during which neither of us spoke, then he went to bed and slept for over an hour.  Normally I’d just go out by myself, but the weather has been awful tonight and I didn’t fancy getting wet on top of my cold.  

At 9 pm I got out the rest of the broccoli and couscous from the fridge and had that.  It was remarkably like what I had for lunch, except I had the last of the bread at lunch.  I was watching House, and enjoying it when he came out of the bedroom and suggested taking me out.  At 9:50 in the evening.  We had words and he went out again, “To do shopping”.  He came home and guzzled even more food.  

When 11:00 pm came I set my VCR to tape Shameless and then changed the channel. He grabbed the remote and I told him that I was watching something else soon.  He ended up throwing the two remotes towards me and storming out to take his shower.  I watched The Good Wife, but true to form he came back in the room during the last 10 minutes and proceeded to make a whole lot of noise. 

We are now not talking. It’s a long weekend coming up and I don’t know how I’m going to survive it personally.  I’m still rather ticked off and annoyed.  I’m so glad that we aren’t going anywhere.  I thought this would happen when we were away. I suppose it is slightly better that it happen when we’re at home.  

Tomorrow I have lunch with a friend and then a class in the afternoon.  I think I’ll be staying extra long in my school tomorrow.  Not really interested in being with F at the moment. 

That’s it for me.  Night. 


Anonymous said...

I've been away from blogging for a while and come back to read this! I'm so sorry! I'd crochet him a straight-jacket!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad night of it. Was he going to have dinner twice? That doesn't make sense. What was he thinking? If it was me, I'd be wondering what he was doing out alone the first time... and I'd be hurt, too, if I was treated like this. Hugs to you and here's hoping the long weekend won't be too unbearable.

Helen said...

We're talking a bit now, so things are improving.

Connie, I LOL'd when I read about crocheting him a straitjacket! I'd need a pattern!

CTM, he probably would have eaten something small with me, I'm not sure. There have been times where he just sits and watches me eat. Not fun at all.