November 3, 2012

Saturday - Rainy and cold

An okay day.

I got up very late today.  F was up quite early and he took the bread out of the machine for me. I just decided to sleep.  It was lovely.

When I got up I cut the bread and then toasted it.  We had “elevenses” at 12! We’d made whole wheat bread and it was lovely.  We really enjoyed it.  

We vegged around the apartment for ages.  It was a nice way to relax to be honest.  

Around 5 we went out for sushi, to one of those places that we don’t go very often.  It was nice, but I didn’t quite eat enough.  After dinner we went to the drugstore and then Yamaya.  I got a few things there. I needed more couscous, and we got a couple of boxes for the bread-maker too.  Oh, and cheese!  Yay!

We came home and stayed home for a while.  Around 9:30 though, I asked if we could go and have something to eat as I was beginning to get peckish.  We went to Gusto and I had some pasta and F had a small udon.  It was a nice meal.

We came home and I watched some telly.  And then more telly!  I also set up the bread-maker for tomorrow morning.  I’m planning to sleep late tomorrow too!  

That’s about it for me.  It was nice to have a low key relaxing day.  Tomorrow I’m not sure what we’ll do.  F seems to want to go out and do something.  I don’t mind if he tells me before we go out!  Night.

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