November 5, 2012

Monday - Clear, sunny, and cool

Guy Fawkes Day…Kaboom!

Had a good day today. I did oversleep a little but no matter really. I got up, watched Gilmore Girls and ate some yogurt, then had some bread as well.  I watched a bit of TV this morning before I took a shower.

In the afternoon I scanned my cards, both incoming and outgoing. I posted some to the Postcrossing site and then it was time to go out.  It was lovely outside, so even though it was a little late, I decided to go out to the mall.  

I biked over to the mall and went to the bus station. I bought tickets for my trip to Sendai next month with a little help from a note that I’d written.  It was quite easy, and somehow, much easier than if I’d taken my husband.  

After that I hacked the mall for a bit. I cruised the hundred yen shop, but didn’t buy anything, the grocery store and a stationery/funky goods shop.  I went and had a calzone and a cup of Royal Milk Tea at Doutors, then bought some Christmas cards at the aforementioned stationery store.  After that, I looked at men’s wallets, but didn’t buy any and then decided to just go home.  F was supposed to phone me after he finished work. It was around 5:30, dark outside and I was hoping for a ride home.  I was just packing up my backpack and putting on my hat for the ride home, when F called.  F asked me to just go home and not make him pick me up, so I did.

I got home a few seconds before he did.  I was locking my bike in the shed when the car went past me.  We went into the apartment together.

He wasn’t feeling good today, so it’s a good thing that I did ride home.  It was a nice night and I didn’t mind the exercise if I’m honest!

He changed his clothes and started making the nabe fairly soon.  We’d bought a kit yesterday, and added a few things of our own to it.  When it was ready, it was really delicious.  It was mostly seafood and veggies, but we added tofu and some balls of chicken that were really nice.  We might have just them and veggies another time.  

F took his bath early tonight and was in bed before 11.  He’s had a bad throat for a couple of weeks and his stomach is acting up.  He’s also got his back problems as well, so honestly isn’t doing that well.  

I watched some TV and also wrapped my sister’s birthday presents.  I’m late sending them this year, but there’s still a little bit of time left if I send them by EMS.  

That’s it for me.  It was a good day and it was so nice to get out of the apartment under my own steam.  I’m hoping to do it on Wednesday too as I have a reason to go on the hunt!  Night.


Sawa said...

Hello, I'm Sawa .
I happened to find out your website when I was seeing postcrossing website yesterday.
I teach English and Japanese at Juku in OSAKA.
I like English but I'm not good at it.
It's really fun to write postcards through postcrossing, but it's not easy for me to write English.
Let me read your articles to learn English!
Have a nice day

Helen said...

Hi Sawa! Thanks for dropping by.

If it makes you feel better, my husband does postcrossing too. He has to write in English which is a bit difficult for him too, but he does it. He usually plans out what to say on paper and then checks with me if it is okay!

You are very welcome here :-)