March 24, 2013

Sunday - Sunny and then cloudy

A good day.  I managed to get up a little bit early so that I could take a shower.  F of course was up oodles before me.  He'd only got a couple of hours of sleep today though.  We went to bed really late last night.

We had a yummy lunch in Grado.  I had chicken in a garlic butter sauce, F had a keisendon that he complained about because they served it in a clear glass bowl.  He said he thought it was a turtle bowl.  I thought it looked fabulous that way, so we obviously have a difference in opinion!  

After lunch, we drove over to my ex-student's shop and met her and her friend.  Her friend likes sewing, and I've asked her to make some adjustments in something that I'll wear in two months at our convention.  We had some intense and confusing to me discussions, but everyone was happy when we left….I don't mean because we left!

I expected F to take us home, but he took us for a little drive.  I finally asked if we could go by the big mall. I'm still looking for a bit of something for my BFF's birthday present.  I got her something small, but not exactly what I wanted. We picked up a few snack things that we can only get there.

We had a bit of an argument over where to eat again, but F remembered a place we looked for before, so we looked for it again.  This time we found it and went there.  We had quite a nice meal.  F had even more fish, with tempura, grilled fish, and chawanmushi.  I had a pork stew that was really good. It was a little salty, but otherwise nice.  There was a decent sized salad with it, some shellfish, miso soup and rice.  Yum.  

We bought a few groceries in Tsuruoka and then came home.  I'm going to make dinner tomorrow night…a quiche I think.  It's not too difficult. I won't make a proper crust. If I do one with a quiche, I might just use tortillas.  

F set up the bread maker again.  He's making a yuzu peel one, so I hope it works out. It was my idea!  

Tomorrow if the weather is decent, I might go out for a bit.  If not, I'm not sure what I'll do.  

I'll be back tomorrow most likely.  Got to go.  Night!

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