March 25, 2013

Monday - Cloudy and a little cool

A good day.  I woke up this morning because I heard a noise.  A big one, from a big person.  F had come home from work looking for his cell phone.  I called it for him and he'd left it in the bedroom.  He left soon after.

I had a quiet morning.  I read the paper, watched The Dog Whisperer and then The Ghost Whisperer.  I watched Just for Laughs from Canada, but did some laundry in the middle of it.  

F offered to bring me a lunch bento today but I asked him not to. I still had some food left from Friday.  He came home for lunch, ate his bento and had some tea, then off he went again. 

In the afternoon, I scanned and uploaded my outgoing postcards and then decided to leave for the post office.  I went out quickly, and returned the same way.  It was spotting rain at the end. It wasn't bad and I didn't get wet, but it looked like it should pour soon.

When I came home I did a little housework and the apartment looked slightly better afterwards!  I decided to get a start on making dinner, so I started with the veggie prep.  F phoned to say he was on the way, but I reminded him to buy milk for us.  He did so, and was home fairly soon.

I was just about to cook the veggies when F came home, so I carried on with it.  After they finished, I drained them for a while. I made a quiche for dinner tonight. I didn't put a pastry crust on it, I used some tortillas. It's easier and works quite well.  

I baked the quiche which looked so good and puffy and light, and when it was done, got started cooking the hash brown patties and setting the table.  Finally, everything came together and we had a very nice dinner of mushroom, asparagus and onion quiche, hash browns and salad.  No meat in sight!  It was really nice, if I say so myself.  F even had seconds, which is unusual.

F did up the few dishes that remained, and then tried to relax for the evening.  He was having a lot of neck pain tonight, so it made him a pain in MY neck!  The poor thing isn't very talkative and when I've been on my own for most of the day it gets a bit hard on me.  

We watched a bit of TV, well I did, while F prepped something for his office.  I did some work for my women's group and then decided to go over to the couch for a little bit of crochet.  I also had to check the scarf that I'm making as it appeared to be getting bigger in the wrong places.  I counted the stitches and it was okay.  

And that's about it for my day.  Tomorrow I have a late afternoon class, so I hope it works out.  Come back tomorrow and find out what happens!  Night.

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