March 26, 2013

Tuesday - Snowy!

A good day.  I woke up this morning and was surprised that it was morning.  I hadn't heard F leave and didn't think it was late at all.  I got up, had some toast and tea, watched telly, read the paper, then went on my computer.  I took a shower after a bit.  

F offered to bring me a bento, but I told him I'd rather have my quiche, so he went out for lunch and didn't come home.  I waited until a bit before my leaving time and ate.  The quiche…still awesome!

I looked outside before I left and was surprised to see snow on the grass outside. It was coming down for a while, not staying on the roads though.  I biked off to my school and made good time.  

I hadn't preheated the school so it was a bit cold.  I ran the AC-heater a little and also the oil heater.  It soon became reasonable and I turned off the AC.  I set up for my class, changed and then my student cancelled.  Her work again.  Sigh.  

I didn't waste my time, I decided to start my book-keeping for the year.  I got January done. I want to update one of my passbooks first before I finalize the page.

F called, I think he forgot I was teaching today, but of course I wasn't teaching!  I told him what I was doing and asked for more time.  

I called him around 6:30 and he picked me up.  We decided to go to dinner at Cafe Framboise so drove over there.  I decided on the minute steak and surprisingly, F had that too.  We left and did a grocery store run afterwards. I'll most likely cook dinner tomorrow night.

We had a quiet evening at home.  We watched a little TV, X-Men: Last Stand was on.  Poor Wolverine.  He's so tragical!

I wrote up a couple of Postcrossings today, and I received a couple of cards today too.  Woot!  It's been a long time.  They were good ones, so come back for them in a few days.  That's it for me.  Got to go.  Night.

Oh, PS… 16 years ago today I left Canada for "Two Years in Japan"

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