March 30, 2013

Saturday - Cold

A mostly nice day.

We had a quiet day today. Most of the day we stayed at home.  I got up in the morning to watch The Gilmore Girls.  That done, I wanted to go back and sleep, but…

We had a nice morning at home.  F ordered in sushi, and we ate and just relaxed.  No plans, nothing we needed done. Even though I was tired, I never did go back to sleep!  F did.  After lunch, he headed off to bed and slept until I woke him up after 8:30.  

During my day, I watched a little TV and then I watched "Shall We Dance?" the remake with Richard Gere. I thought it was rather charming.  It wasn't Strictly Ballroom, but then again, so few films are!

We went to dinner to an Italian buffet restaurant at my request tonight.  We got in right away and got seated.  We ordered and eventually our food came.  F went off to get something from the buffet for himself so I decided to cut the pizza.  Well, the plate had a lip on it so I couldn't get the crust edge to cut properly, and then F came back and distracted me so the lines were overlapping and it was getting a bit chopped up.  I had one more cut to make when F took the cutter out of my hand and did it himself.  He kept complaining about what a bad job I did.  For Pete's sake…it was just pizza.  We were going to eat it ourselves, it wasn't for company, we weren't sharing it with anyone else.  

I was quite upset and started to sulk for a bit.  Then, when I was eating, I bit the end of my fork and thought I broke my tooth.  I got out a mirror and didn't see any damage, but I might have chipped one. I'm not sure. Finally F noticed that I was upset and asked about it, so I told him.  That of course made him upset with me. He started saying that he'd never come back to this restaurant and wasn't going to eat his main dish.  We both did eat, and generally got friendlier over the meal, but it bothers me how quickly he will change from being a nice guy to being an idiot.  

We went to the grocery store to buy milk and ended up with a few extras, then came home.  He went to bed almost right away, but got up a bit later and has been up ever since.  

So, that was my day.  Mostly really nice…bit of a blip in the evening, now back to usual I think.  No plans for tomorrow. I have no idea what we'll get ourselves into.  Wish us luck! Night. 

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