April 1, 2013

Monday - Clear and sunny

A better day.

I got up in the morning and read the newspapers. I read yesterday's too.  The Daily Yomiuri has now become The Japan News.  I'm not sure if I like it.  I'll give it a bit of a chance, but I may cancel it soon.

I did a few things around the apartment today.  I was surprised when F phoned me in the morning to ask if I'd like a bento.  I told him I wouldn't.  He was quite polite, so that was a good thing…I was too.

In the afternoon I put the spices in my new plastic box, I washed some of the dishes that were hanging around, cleaned away some old papers, and tackled the books that were underfoot around my computer.  I even set up 3 for mooching, and already one of them was claimed. It's winging its way off to Greece tomorrow.  

I was surprised when F didn't come home on time.  He was quite late tonight, arriving around 6:30 I think.  He was tired and didn't want to spend much time with me at first, but came round a bit.  We went to Cocos for dinner and things got gradually warmer between us.

After dinner, we went to the drugstore to pick up a couple of things and then to the grocery store.  I think F is going to cook dinner tomorrow night, but I will probably do some of the prep work for him.  He's going to make Japanese curry. I haven't decided if I'll have it over spaghetti or just with the naan I bought.  

We came home and had a very quiet evening together.  Both of us are slightly under the weather so nothing too exciting happened.  I wrote up 4 postcrossing cards, and will write one more tomorrow.  I got two in the mail today which is nice, but sadly one of them was a duplicate of another card I got.  Still, it's nice and the stamps are great.

That's about it for me. Tomorrow I have to go to the post office if the weather holds up.  I hear it might not, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Got to go.  Night!

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