April 11, 2013

Thursday - Rainy with some clear patches

An interesting day.  

I got up this morning and went to take my shower.  I was grabbing my clothes to put on when I heard my cellphone's email tone.  I checked and my student for today had emailed to say that she was in the hospital and wouldn't be able to come.  It is a happy reason that she's in the hospital, so no worries.

I took my shower, came out and sent F an email to let him know I wasn't going to my school.  Then I had a relaxing and luxurious rest of morning.  I had some toast, tea and yogurt.  

I spent a mostly quiet day at home.  I took a longer than expected snooze in the afternoon, but apart from that had a good day.  

F came home a bit before 6 and did offer to take me shopping, but honestly, I wanted to go out by myself.  He left for his party and I stayed home for a bit, but then went out.  I just biked to a convenience store and picked up a few things. I came home afterwards.  It was rainy out, but not too bad.  

I watched a bit of TV, including stuff I taped earlier and I was quite surprised when F called me at just after 9:00 pm to say that he was coming home.  I didn't think that he would be so early.  

He came back and he made all sorts of noise for me.  Yay.  We watched some TV and he started using his computer and setting up the bread maker for the morning.  I didn't mind the bread maker, and the computer was for me, but it was a bit late. I ended up changing my mind about something.  

Anyway, things went okay here.  I don't know why, but tonight I just gave a try to my iTunes.  Since my computer crashed last month, I haven't been able to hear any music and I really miss it.  Anyway, something good is happening I think and I'm able to listen to a bit of music. Thank goodness for that!

I should sign off now. I do have a class tomorrow so I need my lovely beauty sleep.  Talk to you again tomorrow night?  Oyasumi!

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