April 13, 2013

Saturday - Clear and cool

Had an okay, but not great day today.  I got up fairly early, showered and watched The Gilmore Girls.  F came home after it was over and started making himself ramen. I wasn't terribly pleased as I had hoped to go and get lunch for us. He ate, I fumed.  I stripped our bed for him so that he could take the bedding to the laundromat while I was at work.

We left for lunch a little after twelve and went to Gusto.  I had chicken and F and I shared a plate of fries.  He dropped me off at my school and I got to work.  My student called about an hour before class and cancelled again.  She was in an important meeting and it would likely go over into my lesson time.  I stayed home and did a bit of sorting before falling asleep!  

F picked me up and we drove over to the Mikawa Mall.  Once we were there we split up and had dinner in places that we both wanted to eat.  I guess it was good for us, but frankly it just seemed stupid.  

We met up afterwards and went to the theater to see Zero Dark Thirty.  I liked it, but found it a bit lacking, just like I did with The Hurt Locker.  I'm not sure why, but it feels like there is no emotion in Bigelow's latest movies.  

We came home with very little conversation and stayed home.  I watched TV, Saturday is one of my big nights and F did…whatever. He went to bed a bit after one.  I watched Celebrity Apprentice and as usual didn't agree with Le Donald, but don't much care either.  

I'll probably go to bed soon.  I have no idea what I'll get up to tomorrow.  I am a bit worried that we don't have any plans, so hopefully everything will work out well.  That's it for me.  Night.

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