April 14, 2013

Sunday - Cloudy and muggy, rainy at night

Kind of a yuck day, but added bonus muffins!

I went to bed terribly late last night, so I was up terribly late today.  I did have a bizarre dream though.  I dreamt that I was a JET in Alberta.  I was teaching and so was rock star Adam Lambert.  He was having a tough time in his hick town, so when I talked to him, he was hiding in an empty (and turned off) old style ice cream cooler that you might see in an old store somewhere.  He was sitting in there upset about his life in rural Alberta, and all I wanted to do was go home and take a shower so I could catch a bus back to Edmonton, my old hometown.  So odd!

When I finally got up, F was fine for a while, and then he started whining about not being able to go places.  He had gone to his Mum's in the morning, he'd had food that he'd made himself, and I really didn't know what he was on about.  He knew that I wanted to go to a stationary store and see if I could get a couple of greeting cards.  Finally we decided that we'd go to a stationary store and he'd drop me there on the way to his mother's to walk the dog again.  Well, we finally got to the store and it was shut.  I think it was closed because it was Sunday, not because we were too late.  He asked me what I wanted to do, so I told him to either drop me off at a convenient place, or he could drive me to S-Mall and then go.  He chose to drop me off.  

I walked all over Tsuruoka. I walked down the main shopping street, past the temple and then over to the mall. I had a sandwich and tea in the mall, waited for him to call me.  He didn't.  Was he still at his mother's?

After my sandwich was done, I walked home.  The door was barred and the car was there.  I wasn't too pleased.  F said he'd just got home, but so what.  Didn't care much.  He went to bed and pouted for a while before coming back and asking if I wanted dinner.  I did, so we went to Jiro at my request.  F had risotto which he didn't like because it was tomato-y, I had my usual.  Yum.

We hit up the grocery store afterwards.  I'm going to make a quiche for dinner tomorrow night. I'm hoping it'll be good.  I ran out of tortillas for the crust, so I'm going to use harumaki covers.  I hope it works!

F set up the bread maker, but I asked him not to start it yet. I wouldn't be able to make what I wanted to make if F started the machine because it was in the way of the oven. I made muffins.  Just bog standard muffins with nothing in them, but they were good.  I made four as I only had huge muffin cases.  They were shaped more like souffles than muffins, but they tasted pretty good.  F liked them too.

He went to bed a little while later.  I'm still up, doing a postcrossing and blogging of course.  

Tomorrow I might go out if the weather is decent, if not, I'll try and get a headstart on my quiche.  Wish me luck with that eh?!  Night.

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