April 16, 2013

Tuesday - Sunny then muggy, light rain at night

A good day. I woke up and had a shower then some breakfast. I read the paper and had some breakfast.  F had made some yummy bread overnight so I had some of that.  

I went on line to read blogs and email and heard about the bombings in Boston.  What a horrible thing.  More information is needed by me before I can understand what is going on there.  

I was invited to go for lunch, but I turned down my DH.  I just didn't want a bento and I didn't want rice either.  I wanted to eat a little later anyway as I had to leave for work.  I watched Heartland, which was quite good. I'd seen one of the episodes, but not the other.  

After my lunch I biked off.  I ran a couple of errands on the way and found out that the new building that is going up near my first apartment in Tsuruoka is a Bikkuri Donkey.  I'm a little excited as I like going there sometimes.  It's not my favourite restaurant but I do like it.  

I got to my school, took care of some business, and set up the water pot and got the heater on.  It was nearly time for class and my phone rang.  Oh dear.  Yes, sadly my student had to cancel again.  She really is a busy person.  I worked on a project for a while and then sent a message to F and he picked me up. 

He did his usual,"What do you want for dinner?" bit to me, but I didn't care.  I asked him what he wanted so he said ramen, then noodles or something.  I suggested a little Japanese place that has decent food.  He said okay.  We get there, park, and then he says he really didn't want to go there.  Great. I didn't want to go there either, I just thought he might like it.  He then said he would have preferred a Chinese restaurant.  For Pete's sake.  If he'd just said that earlier.

We had a pretty good meal with us not talking to each other. I started a paragraph for my next movie column and F glued his eyes to the TV.  

We came home afterwards. We weren't mad anymore really.  Just quiet.  

F set up the bread maker again and I watched some TV. I also did a bit of crochet at 11 pm.  It's going okay I think. I need to count stitches a bit more at this stage I think. 

And that was it for my day.  F went to bed a bit earlier and I'm still up.  Tomorrow I may go out. My bank books have become demagnetized and I'd really love to get them fixed!  Come back tomorrow night for my next scintillating report.  Night!

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