April 18, 2013

Thursday - rainy and cold

An okay day.

I got up late again because it was really dark again.  It is supposed to be spring darn it…why isn't it sunny?  It's almost hanami season too.  

I got up, had some breakfast (I wrote breadfast first, and it very nearly was!) and watched most of Celeb Apprentice again, and then The Ghost Whisperer.  I never know if I should like that show or not.  

I had a quiet morning around the apartment.  F didn't phone for lunch so I was a little relieved to be honest.  I wrote a couple more post cards and scanned them in the afternoon. I was going to run them to the post office afterwards, but noticed it was really raining outside.  Pass!

When F did come home he seemed glad to see me and then we talked about going out for dinner.  He actually suggested a place that was okay with me.  He wanted a Chinese restaurant, and picked one with pretty decent non ramen food.  He went for the ramen, I didn't!  

We drove to the restaurant and on the way talked about last night.  He was quite reasonable and made quite a bit of sense.  I think I got upset about the speed of the car for a couple of things.  The road was wet, F drives very aggressively and the car seems to be going faster than it really is, or something like that.  I know he's a good driver, but the whole aggression thing really scares me.  I told him that I'd never driven with anyone else that scares me as much when they drive.  He doesn't believe me, but it is the truth.  It could be the car I suppose, but I think it has a lot to do with the Japanese style of driving.

Anysquay, at the restaurant I had sweet and sour pork and stir-fried veggies with a bit of F's ramen topping!  I was gifted it.  He got some of my food too, so it's not like I ate everything myself.  

After our meal, we checked out Yamaya for some imported foods. I got new fish sauce and more tortillas. I know, two totally different cuisines there! We left right at closing too. Our next stop was the drugstore.  We didn't buy very much, but on our way into the store I saw an ex-student of mine.  We waved and chatted.  F asked me afterwards if she was a student at the same time he was, and I told him she was.  She was a junior high school student, now she's a teacher in a school in Tsuruoka!  We feel old.

We came home via the post office to mail off my cards.  At home, we relaxed quite a bit, and F got to watch some TV for a while.  I changed the station to Desperate Housewives later.  Hubs took his bath and went off to bed.  He also set up the bread maker for the morning.  

Tomorrow, I'm off to work again, and so is F.  He has a party after work too, so I'm not sure if I'll see him before the party or not.  I'm debating having dinner out, or making myself something at home.  Decisions, decisions!  Got to go.  Night!

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Jackie Chan in Japan said...

I know what you mean about aggesive drivers. My husband was like that. I shocked my students by telling them we got to the mall in less than 15 minutes, they all said it takes over 20 minutes, that just shows how face my husband use to drive!!!