April 23, 2013

Tuesday - Sunny and warm

A good day, but it didn't start that way.  I woke up this morning and realized that I had overslept.  It wasn't terrible as my class was later on in the day, but I really didn't want to sleep in today!

I got up, showered, and had some toast.  I'd made a nice herb bread last night and it was yummy.  It was really nice toasted.  I watched Ghost Whisperer but I'd seen this one before so I wasn't too interested really.  

I went about my day.  F came home for lunch, bringing his bento. He'd offered to get me one too, but I just couldn't be bothered with one!  He ate and then left again.  

Around 2 I had lunch, then washed the dishes and headed to my school around 3 pm.  I made really good time today and it was a pleasure to ride my bike today.

I dusted and swept at my school today and got ready for my student.  She couldn't come though, and I won't see her until next month unfortunately.  I did some work in my school and then biked home around 6:30.

F was home and watching baseball when I arrived, so I wasn't sure if he wanted to go for dinner or not.  He finally said it was okay to go, and chose to go to Midori-shokodo. I didn't fight him tonight because I'm tired of saying no.  It wasn't great.  I was freezing as I sat next to the door, people at the next table were smoking and the food was just blah to me.  They serve huge portions there, but in my opinion that's the only thing going for them.  To be fair, it wasn't as oily/greasy as I expected, but I have no need to go there again any time soon.

We came back via my school to get something, then hit up the grocery store.  I think I'm going to make a stew tomorrow.  It's still cold enough that a stew would be nice.  

We watched a little bit of TV at home and I even went over to the couch to do a little hooky.  That was fun.  My next project is a cushion cover. I've done the first part, now I'm on the second side.  I hope I finish it soon!

That's it for me.  I hope that tomorrow is a better day for me.  The weather is supposed to be bad, so maybe I'll just stay home and do some work on my column.  Maybe! Got to go.  Night!

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