April 26, 2013

Friday - cloudy with specks of rain

A good day.  

I slept in a bit, but got up and showered, then came through, had some breakfast and watched my show.  I had a quiet little morning at home.  

I had lunch and then went off to work.  I had a great class with my student and wished her a good vacation at the end.  She's off to Italy for Golden Week.  Lucky lady.  

After a bit of tea, paperwork and dishes, I rode home on my bike.  Things went very smoothly.  Yay.

I waited at home for ages for F.  When he came home he was hot on the trail of some paper that he couldn't find.  He searched everywhere.  I told him around 8 pm that I needed to eat soon, and he ignored me.  Around 9 I had had enough, so I went into the fridge, grabbed the last of the stew and started to warm it up for myself. I was so hungry.  At that point he asked what I was doing so I told him.  Then he got mad at me and said that he was waiting for me to finish up on my computer to go for dinner.  He said that he had said, "Let's go" about an hour ago.  I hadn't heard it.  I don't know if he had said that or not, but I didn't hear it.  

Anyway, we went out to Gusto and had an okay dinner.  I had a burger and salad.  It was pretty good. When we got in the car at the restaurant, F did another major search of the car.  He was looking in the trunk when I thought, why not look in the little cubby hole on the dashboard? Guess what I found...the paper! F was very happy! 

We came home again after dinner and I watched a bit of TV.  I did a bit of crochet too, which was nice and therapeutic.  

So that was my day.  It turned out okay.  F and I didn't get in a huge fight, but we could have.  Glad we didn't.  Anyway, I have to sign off.  Night!

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