April 28, 2013

Sunday - Clear and sunny, windy

It was very early this morning when I went to bed, the sun was coming up and it looked beautiful outside.  I went to bed and told F that I'd like him to wake me at 11am.  He did, but I didn't get up until noon!  It's Sunday.  

We decided after a while to go to Mikawa and see Iron Man 3 at 3:00 pm.  Before we left I had some letters that I needed to send out, so we scrambled around and got them done.  We planned to have lunch at the mall before the movie, but traffic was really backed up, and we didn't get there early enough.  Instead, we each had a hotdog at the theatre and our usual popcorn and drink.

How was the film?  It was fun.  I really enjoyed it.  It was smart and funny and a worthy entry in the Iron Man Series.  My one beef with the film is that the fight scenes were cut in such a way that you couldn't really see what was happening.  

After the movie, we decided to try to go to the Internet Cafe again for some massaging chair time and then karaoke.  Well, we got the chairs and stayed there a long time.  I feel so relaxed now.  The last time we went I watched a lot of TV, but this time, there wasn't much on.  I nearly fell asleep. F and I each had a snack when we were there.  We tried to switch to karaoke at the end, but we weren't able to as all the rooms were in use.  We thought about going somewhere else, but F had a headache, and it was quite late, so we passed for tonight.  

We had a late and pretty good dinner in Marumatsu, then came home.  I was a TV hog and watched a few things, but F seemed to watch them too, so maybe okay?

That's about it for today.  Tomorrow we may see another movie or go to karaoke, I'm not sure which.  I hope the weather holds too.  It was a good day today.  Got to go.  Night!

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