April 29, 2013

Monday - Sunny, windy and cool

A good day.  Incroyable mais vrai!

I have my spell checker turned on in Text Edit and it did not like me typing French up there.  

I got up early this morning, took a shower while F was out running some errands, and then settled in to watch The Ghost Whisperer with him when he returned.  It was a repeat, but I watched it anyway.

We went to the Komagi-ga-hara spa for their buffet lunch today. It was not great, but not terrible either.  They have fairly decent desserts there.  After lunch, we decided to go to karaoke for a bit.  We went for a couple of hours.  I think of it as practicing for next month!  I sang a lot and even tried some older stuff.

We went to get my train tickets for next month, but made a quick run home first to check dates and make sure that I know when I'm staying and when I'm arriving.  We got the tickets, and the station clerk was nice enough to give me tickets in English.  

We zoomed off to Machi-Kine next to see Lincoln.  We were a little early, but only by a few minutes.  We got our popcorn and then went in.  I liked the film, it was well done and of course Daniel Day-Lewis was excellent as Lincoln.  I liked some of the other performances though…Sally Field as his wife, Tommy Lee Jones, even and especially James Spader as a more comic character.  I did have a couple of times when I closed my eyes a little longer than I should, but I enjoyed the film. Afterwards F asked me a few questions about Lincoln's life and I pointed out that I didn't know much because I'm not American after all.  

We had a good dinner in Sukaze, I had a mixed dinner, F had udon.  We were both pleased with our choices.  After our meal we came home via the grocery store and the gas station.  

At home we relaxed for a bit.  F watched his Ultimate Fighting nonsense, and then I watched The Newsroom.  It was excellent again.  

That basically was my day.  It was really nice, and capped off a lovely 3 day weekend.  We both relaxed and took things easy, which seemed to be good for both of us!  

Tomorrow F is back at work and I will be stuck in front of my computer until my column and report are done.  Wish me luck.  I must go.  Night.


Rosa said...

It's funny, but I think I know more about Daniel Day-Lewis's life than about Lincoln's life--and I am American!

Was this the end of Golden Week? Seems so early this year if so. Still, nice to have a long weekend, no?

Helen said...

It's sad how much we know about celebrities and not about important people, isn't it?! I probably know more about DDL's life too..although I did look up Lincoln after I saw the movie!

It was the beginning of Golden Week. There are 3 work days in the middle this year. This coming Friday to Monday are holidays too. We're just having a staycation this year! We could have gone away last Sunday, but I asked that we stay home for a change.

Thanks for visiting :-)

Anonymous said...

I get so confused with Golden Week-I actually thought the whole week was a holiday! We also do "staycation" mostly because it's expensive and crowded to go out during this time. I think this year we will just do something locally-in the area. No overnight thing though...just a day outing. Hubby had to work yesterday so I vacationed by trimming the big tree. which needed to be done anyhow.

Helen said...

Hi Connie! I have to say I wish it was a whole week holiday. I took it off (mostly because my students were busy).

In past years we have gone away for a day or two and it is nice, but it has it's own stresses. This year we're just relaxing in our city, and it has been quite enjoyable!

Thanks for visiting!