April 4, 2013

Thursday - Sunny and warmish

A nice day.  I did wake up early, but hit the snooze button a few too many times and didn't get up when I planned to.  I wasn't in bad shape though.  

I got up, showered and then watched a bit of TV and read my paper.  Still not convinced about it.  It's looking bad for the newspaper!

I ate breakfast--a couple of slices of F's yummy raisin bread, then a little later had lunch-left over pasta from last night.  It was yummy.  I watched Heartland while I was prepping and cleaning up after lunch.  I quite like the show.  It's a little simple, but the scenery makes me want to catch the next plane home.  

I rode off to work, made good time and then set up my school for class.  I got changed and changed all the calendars in the school so they are up to date.  I swept the floor, started the hot water for drinks…the usual.  My student was right on time today and we had a good class.  We finished up a lesson and reviewed some of the homework she had been given.  

After her class I did my paperwork and checked the set up for her next class.  I decided to leave my school tonight. The weather was fine and I wanted to visit the drug store.  

I popped into the drugstore, but made good time getting home. I was home by quarter after five.  F wasn't very late tonight, he arrived around quarter to 6 I think. We chatted and relaxed.  He watched a bit of news and I was really sleepy, so I took myself off to bed for a nap.  I fell asleep for almost two hours. Yikes.  When I woke up, we went out for dinner.  It was just Kappa Sushi, but it was quite fun for a change.  

We drove around a little afterwards and then came home.  I watched a bit (lot) of TV tonight, but I did ask F if he wanted to watch something so I hope I gained brownie points for that!

F set the bread maker tonight, but wouldn't tell me just what he put in it!  I'm hoping that it is something good! I got an hour of crochet in tonight, which I enjoyed.  I found a knot in the yarn which I didn't enjoy as much, but so far it has been the only one in 4 balls of yarn, so not too shabby.

That's about it for me.  Tomorrow I have no idea what I'll get myself up to.  Come back tomorrow night and see, if you are interested!  Night.

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