April 5, 2013

Friday - Sunny and warmer

A sad day for movie fans.  My favourite movie critic, Roger Ebert lost his fight with cancer today.  I have been a huge fan of Ebert since his Siskel & Ebert shows.  In Canada I have two of his books and I check his website frequently to see if it is worth seeing some of the films that I plan to see.  He had been ill for years, but even though he lost the ability to speak, found a new voice through the internet.  I will miss him greatly. 

In other things, I got up, had a quiet morning around the apartment.  F called me just before noon and asked if I'd like a bento, so I said sure.  He brought me one and we had a nice meal. I had miso pork and he had salmon, plus we shared a chicken cutlet.  

F left and I didn't.  I finally roused myself to do a load of laundry and a little tidying.  F came home around 6:30 and we had a little chat for a while.  After that, we went out for dinner.  He asked to go to Midori Shokudo, but I couldn't face it. We ended up going to a soba chain restaurant for an okay meal.  We hit up the drugstore afterwards for a few items and came home.

I watched a bit of TV, but I did turn control of the box to F a few times, so he wasn't left out.  We're now watching some weird thing where in Japanese where the guy is eating a nabe and talking all about it.  It's actually quite annoying.  

Tomorrow I have an afternoon class and we might go and see a movie in the evening.  I'll come back tomorrow and give you all the news.  Until then, the balcony is closed.

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