April 6, 2013

Saturday - Windy but sunny

A good day.  I got up this morning in good time to take my shower before The Gilmore Girls.  I took my shower, but alas, The Gilmore Girls weren't on.  Instead they had a Lilo and Stitch special.  Sigh.  

F and I had brunch at Grado and it was very nice.  We both had smoked chicken with cream cheese as our entree. It was delicious.

F dropped me off at my school after lunch and I got busy.  I set up the school, read the papers and got ready for my class.  My student didn't come, so I called her and found out that she wasn't even in our city.  Sigh.  

I used my free time to do a bit of cleaning at my school. I  cleaned out a couple of drawers, which was quite therapeutic! When the time came that I told F I'd call him came around, I called him and he picked me up.  

First up we went "fishing"!  F bought us a couple of taiyaki and we ate them on the way to the mall.  We had a quick dinner at KFC for a change and then went to the theater to see the movie.  Tonight we saw Django Unchained, which I liked a lot.  It was quite a violent film, but seeing as how it was Tarantino, it was also quite funny too.

We came home after the movie.  F wasn't feeling well and went to bed quite early.  I'm still up watching TV and blogging!

No plans for tomorrow.  I hope something interesting comes up!  Got to go.  Night.

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