April 7, 2013

Sunday - Rainy and windy

A good day.  I went to bed extremely late last night, or perchance extremely early this morning.  I slept well though and managed to get up around 11 am. Yay me.  

F had been out to his Mum's and she wasn't feeling well.  He asked me if I'd mind if he went out again to get his hair cut, and of course I said it was fine.  I had a bit of a snooze on the couch, but that didn't last long as he came back home soon after I went to the couch.  We had a drink and some toast and then decided to go out for sushi.  

We went to Kintaro Sushi and had a great old time.  It wasn't very busy, so we could order whatever we liked and it came quickly.  Yay.

After lunch I asked if we could go to another 100 yen shop than our regular one.  I wanted to get something that I couldn't find in my usual. I picked up some file folders for postcards, plus a new binder.  I also got a special hanger for sweaters, for F's new big one he got at Christmas.  

F dropped me off at home and went off to visit his Mum. I suggested that he take her something to eat for dinner.  Personally, I hate to cook when I'm not feeling well.  I heard that he took her some sushi.

I read some email and vegged a little more. When F came back, we decided to go back to the "club" that we joined last week.  This time, we went to the Massage Chairs part for about 30 minutes.  That was great.  I really didn't want to move.  Just before we left the area, I had the TV working and was watching a movie, so the movie and the massaging chair were making me so relaxed!

We went over to the karaoke area and ordered stuff for dinner.  We had different things.  F had a fried noodle dish and I had a baked curry on rice with chicken thing.  It was good.  We sang quite a few songs and I was bemused to see/hear F sing one of MY songs.  How dare he?!

We left at the 3 hour mark and were a little surprised to see how rainy it was outside.  The expected storm had arrived.  We left and went to the grocery store.  We bought a few things for tomorrow's dinner and then came home.

I watched a few things on the TV, and F worked on making bread.  He wanted to make onion bread again, so he spent the time caramelizing the onions.  I think he's a little crazy, but it was his choice tonight.

And that's about it.  I'm trying to wind this down and get myself ready for bed.  It was a really good day.  The massaging chair was perfect and it was nice to spend a bit of time with my husband outside of the apartment. Got to go.  Night!

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