April 8, 2013

Monday - rainy & windy but I didn't go out

A good day.  I got up because I heard what I thought was the front door to our apartment open.  In fact it was closing as F did one of his sneaky homecomings to pick up some breakfast and whatever else he needed!  

I had a quiet day at home.  I watched TV, read the newspaper, ate some of F's really yummy onion bread and just relaxed.  I did a couple of postcrossings and scanned and prepared more for writing up on my blog.  I got some nice cards today.  I also received my Journal although I didn't open it until later.

 Around 5:30 I started to prepare for dinner.  I mixed up the pancake mix, cleared and set the table, that kind of thing.  When F came home a few minutes later, I was nearly ready to go.  We had a nice dinner of pancakes (not the Japanese mix kind), with sausages and bacon, plus fruit salad.  It was all quite nice and we both enjoyed dinner.

F did the dishes and I answered some email.  F watched the most horrible stuff on the TV and never asked if I wanted to watch anything.  I didn't say much about it, but did say that I'd be having the use of the TV from 11pm!  And I did.  I watched the new show The Newsroom and really liked it.  It had such great dialogue.  When it was over I read the credits and saw it was an Aaron Sorkin project…I should have known!

I was on the chesterfield during the show doing some crochet.  I finally started the 5th ball of yarn.  That means that I am nearly done.  Nearly.  Yay.  F was making noise and trying to work things out on his computer. It was difficult to pay attention to the show.  

And that's about it.  It was a quiet day, but nice too.  I do have a class tomorrow and if I can I should run to the post office to mail another bookmooch I received today.  Wow, 4 books in 2 weeks.  Excellent!

That's it for me.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Night.

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