Postcrossing Incoming

To March 30, 2013

I'm finally back with another lovely grouping of Postcrossing postcards.  After a few slower weeks, I'm finally starting to receive cards again.  I think some of these are very nice, please read on and let me know which ones you like and why!

Katariina sent this lovely card and her greetings from North Finland.  She writes that she loves auroras and she likes the movies Amelie and Moulin Rouge. She wishes me a happy postcrossing.

In my thank you note to her, I told her how the Aurora in her postcard reminds me of the Northern Lights that we had on my family farm as a teenager.  

She also used a very cool stamp.  This one is of an Finnish actor that sadly I had never heard of before.  What a great way to celebrate the arts though.
Esko Salminen
Thank you Katariina!

Richard sent this card from the US Pacific Northwest.  He told me about the small city that he sent it from, and how close it is to Canada.  In fact, when I looked up Blaine on Wikipedia, it gave me lots of information about it.  One of the most interesting points for me is that US actors often live there while they work in Vancouver. I love finding out about interesting places that I should have known about, but didn't.

The subject of his card is the English actor Alan Bates.  I know that I had seen Bates in a few movies in his later years, but I couldn't quite remember them.  I think he was quite a chameleon.  Some of the films that he was in are The Sum of All Fears, The Rose, Gosford Park, and Women in Love.  He was in many stage and TV productions too.

Alan Bates
Thanks Richard!

This popular card comes from the Czech Republic, from a city called Pilsin.  Michala says that she is under 30 and studies in the medical faculty.   She loves to travel, meet new people, read and collect elephants in all forms!

She likes watching great films too.  Her favourites are Titanic, Gladiator and Czech films.
Artifact Exhibition

Michala used a gorgeous and huge stamp on her card too.  In fact, the stamp was so big that she had to fold part of it over to the front.
Alfons Mucha: Zodiac
Thank you Michala!

Gaby sent this beautiful Renoir to me from Mannheim in the south-west part of Germany.  She likes reading very much, especially that related to Great Britain. Her favourite movies are Notting Hill and Pretty Woman.  She also loves movies about the books of Jane Austen.

She wrote that she hoped I liked this reading girl painted by Renoir, an artist she likes.  She wishes me all the best.
Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)
Reading Girl, 1886
Thank you so much Gaby.  I love this card.

This card is also from Europe, from the north part of the Netherlands.  Hennie sent it and wrote that she wants to move to the city on the card eventually.

Greetings from Emmen!
Thank you very much for this colourful look at a Dutch city!

Well, there you are.  Five cool cards and a few interesting stamps.  What cards strike your fancy?  What ones would you like to see come to your mailbox?  Until next time!


Rosa said...

Love the Alan Bates one! I'm trying to think who he played in Gosford Park. (Love that movie!) Hmmm...maybe he was the old guy who gets murdered?

Helen said...

I did a check at IMDb and they said he played the butler. It's been a few years since I watched my copy. I may have to rewatch it just to see who he was in it!

It is a great card, isn't it?

Thanks for commenting :-)