Postcrossing - Incoming

To April 12, 2013

I have 5 lovely cards for you today, from places such as the US and Switzerland.  They are all great and quite interesting too.  Any thoughts about these cards?  Remember to click on the card to see a larger version.

Susanne sent this card from Switzerland and asked why I was living in Japan.  She also mentioned that her husband is planning to go to Canada next year for a three week holiday, and that she looks forward to seeing my home country!

Palace Hotel St. Moritz
Emil Cardinaux -1921

This card comes from Lithuania, from a person who sadly didn't sign her name. She said that on the card was Lev' Tolstoy's books "War and Peace".  She has promised to read this book this year.  She wishes me a great day, and sends greetings from Lithuania.

War and Peace
Author: Ieva Saunoriute

Thomas sent this card from Germany.  He lives in a small town called Bayreuth which is the home of the Richard Wagner Opera House.  He hopes I like his card. I do!

Ellie sent this card from Boston. She tells me that she frequently walks down this street to get to work.  She says that it has great architecture and the buildings are well preserved.
Myrtle Street, Beacon Hill, Boston

This card comes from China.  A physics teacher sent it, and she says that she loves cats.  She didn't say very much, sadly.

There you are!  Some very interesting cards.  Which one do you like best?

Until next time!

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